Wet Chemical Extinguisher I.D Sign


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Identification disc wet chem UV resistant 190mm x 190mm PVC


The Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher ID Sign is a mandatory safety requirement for correctly identifying and locating wet chemical fire extinguishers according to Australian Standards. This essential sign should be positioned above any installed wet chemical fire extinguishers within your premises, ensuring clear visibility and easy identification during emergencies. Crafted to comply with Australian Standards and regulations, the ID sign features universally recognized symbols and clear text indicating the presence of a wet chemical fire extinguisher. Its placement above the extinguisher enables users to quickly identify its location and understand the type of fire it is designed to combat.

The ID sign serves as a critical component of fire safety protocols, helping to mitigate risks associated with fire incidents involving cooking oils and fats (Class F fires). By displaying this sign prominently, you enhance emergency response readiness and promote safe usage of wet chemical extinguishers. Install the Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher ID Sign in accordance with Australian Standards to ensure compliance and improve fire safety awareness in your premises. This signage solution plays a pivotal role in supporting fire prevention measures and empowering users to respond effectively to fire emergencies involving cooking oils and fats. We offer fire extinguisher ID signs at an affordable price, ensuring cost-effective solutions for fire safety needs. Improve safety and compliance with our budget-friendly ID signs.


Model Number IDWC
Size 190mm x 190mm
Material UV-protected PVC
Single Units Yes
Packet QTY 50
Carton QTY 500
Warranty 12 months


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