Fire Hydrant Services

Fire Hydrant Services in Melbourne

For safety reasons, it is required that all fire hydrants in the buildings be inspected on a biannually and Five Yearly flow tested according to AS1851. This is to insure outside factors which can affect fire hydrant operation, including regular wear-and-tear, vandalism, accidental damage, mechanical function, and even the errors of careless contractors.
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Fire Hydrant Inspection Process and Services

At VFP, our fire equipment services process is designed to ensure that your building’s fire safety equipment meets all proper fire safety codes. Our fire hydrant services begin with an external inspection where we check the fire hydrant chains, caps, and paint, making sure that the hydrant can be easily opened and is recognisable.

How Our Fire Hydrant Inspection Service Works?

Our Accredited Fire Technicians are there to make sure your fire hydrant is up to to the Building Code of Australia and comply with AS1851 regulation.

Our Fire Hydrant Services include:

Replace damaged parts. Our technicians will inspect all the hydrant components for signs of deterioration and damage; we will replace any parts as needed.

Provide lubrication to the nuts and steam. To prevent seizing, stripping and binding, Fire Technicians are trained to service hydrant have the technical knowhow to perform lubrication of the hydrant valve stem without.

Repairing leaking hydrants. Our team is dedicated to finding the leakage issues in hydrant system, and are experienced to correct it promptly to minimize water waste.

Lower or raise the break-off flanges. A fire hydrant that is installed to the right depth is crucial to its function during a fire accident. Our Fire Technician will ensure safety by lowering or raising the hydrant to the appropriate height.

When you choose our fire hydrant repair services, we will ensure to save your time in fire equipment inspection by keeping your current workforce focused on other important tasks.

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