Self-adhesive CO2 Extinguisher I.D Sign


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Self-adhesive Identification disc CO2 UV resistant 190mm x 190mm PVC


The CO2 Fire Extinguisher Information Sign is an important sign that should be put next to CO2 fire extinguishers to let people know what kinds of fires the extinguisher can put out and when not to use it. The clear and straightforward information on this sign is meant to help people understand how to use CO2 fire extinguishers safely in an emergency. It’s clear from the sign that CO2 fire extinguishers can put out Class B (flammable liquids) and Class E (electrical) fires. It also says that CO2 fire extinguishers shouldn’t be used on Class A (normally flammables) or Class D (metal) fires because they might not work or could even be dangerous.

Additionally, the CO2 Fire Extinguisher Information Sign makes it clear when CO2 extinguishers shouldn’t be used, like in small areas that don’t have enough air flow to avoid oxygen displacement. This display is made of strong materials so it can be seen for a long time, and the words and symbols are clear and easy for everyone to understand. Putting it next to CO2 fire extinguishers makes sure that people can get to important safety information right away, when they need it most.

The CO2 Fire Extinguisher Information Sign will help your building’s users use CO2 fire extinguishers safely and effectively. This helpful sign follows fire safety rules and lowers the risks that come with using an extinguisher incorrectly in an emergency. We offer fire extinguisher ID signs at an affordable price, ensuring cost-effective solutions for fire safety needs. Improve safety and compliance with our budget-friendly ID signs.


Model Number IDCO2SA
Size 190mm x 190mm
Material UV-protected PVC
Single Units Yes
Packet QTY 50
Carton QTY 500
Warranty 12 months


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