F-500 Extinguisher Double sided I.D Sign


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Identification disc F-500 extinguishers, double sided 225mm x 190mm PVC


The F-500 Extinguisher Double-Sided ID Sign is a useful and important item for quickly spotting F-500 fire extinguishers in different places. The clever design of this sign includes printing on both sides for best visibility and effectiveness, making it easy to see from all sides. This is made of long-lasting materials and can be used indoors or outdoors without any problems. Its small size and clear graphics make it easy to quickly identify F-500 fire extinguishers, which helps people act quickly in fire situations.

There are well-known marks on the sign that show that F-500 extinguishers can put out Class A (normally flammable) fires, Class B (flammable liquids) fires, and Class E (electrical) fires. There are also times when F-500 fire extinguishers shouldn’t be used, like when there is a Class D (metal) fire. This ID Sign improves fire safety by making it clear where to find and use fire extinguishers. It is perfect for workplaces, industrial facilities, schools, and business spaces.

Use the F-500 Extinguisher Double-Sided ID Sign to make sure everyone is safe around fire and ready for an emergency. This useful sign makes people more aware of F-500 fire extinguishers and makes it easier for people to respond effectively to fires, which lowers the risk of injury and property loss. We offer fire extinguisher ID signs at an affordable price, ensuring cost-effective solutions for fire safety needs. Improve safety and compliance with our budget-friendly ID signs.


Model Number IDF-500
Size 225mm x 190mm
Material UV-protected PVC
Single Units Yes
Packet QTY 50
Carton QTY 500
Warranty 12 months


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