Self-adhesive Air Water Extinguisher I.D Sign


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Self-adhesive Identification disc air/water UV resistant 190mm x 190mm PVC


The self-adhesive water extinguisher ID sign is an important safety item that makes it easy to find and use water fire extinguishers safely in an emergency. This self-sticking sign is meant to be put next to fire extinguishers so that users can see important and clear information. It has easily recognizable images and short text that tell people how to use water extinguishers correctly. It makes it clear that water extinguishers can put out Class A (ordinary combustibles) fires but shouldn’t be used on Class B (flammable liquids) or Class E (live electricity) fires because they could be dangerous.

Installing it on walls, doors, or shelves near fire extinguishers is quick and easy thanks to the self-adhesive backing. This makes sure that it can be seen right away and gives people a place to start in case of a fire. By putting up the Self-adhesive Water Extinguisher ID Sign, businesses raise knowledge about fire safety and give people the information they need to make smart choices when there is a fire. This sign is very important for improving emergency reaction and lowering the risk of terrible things happening when fire extinguishers are used incorrectly. Put up this important ID sign to improve fire safety rules and make the area safer for everyone. We offer fire extinguisher ID signs at an affordable price, ensuring cost-effective solutions for fire safety needs. Improve safety and compliance with our budget-friendly ID signs.


Model Number IDAWSA
Size 190mm x 190mm
Material UV-protected PVC
Single Units Yes
Packet QTY 50
Carton QTY 500
Warranty 12 months


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