Self-adhesive BE Extinguisher I.D Sign


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Self-adhesive Identification disc dry chemical powder BE, UV resistant 190mm x 190mm PVC


The Self-adhesive BE Extinguisher Identification (ID) Sign is an easy and effective way to make it clear where BE (Foam) fire extinguishers are located. This self-sticking sign is made to be easy to put up on a variety of surfaces, so it can be used inside in places like schools, hospitals, retail stores, offices, and more. The BE Extinguisher ID Sign is made to last and has a strong sticky back that lets you stick it securely to walls, doors, or other smooth surfaces. This makes it possible to put them in a variety of places where BE fire extinguishers are located, making them easier to see and making sure that safety rules are followed.

The sign makes it easy to find the sites of BE fire extinguishers in an emergency by using clear, well-known symbols. This makes it easier to respond quickly and use firefighting gear effectively, which improves safety and emergency readiness overall. The sign is self-adhesive, so it doesn’t need any extra gear or tools to be put up. This saves time and effort. To put up the sign right away, just peel off the paper and press it firmly onto a clean, dry surface.

Improve fire safety in your area with the Self-adhesive BE Extinguisher ID Sign. This useful and necessary item will raise awareness and make sure that important firefighter tools are easy to get to. Use this reliable sign option to improve safety rules and get ready for emergencies that might involve BE fire extinguishers. We offer fire extinguisher ID signs at an affordable price, ensuring cost-effective solutions for fire safety needs. Improve safety and compliance with our budget-friendly ID signs.


Model Number IDBESA
Size 190mm x 190mm
Material UV-protected PVC
Single Units Yes
Packet QTY 50
Carton QTY 500
Warranty 12 months


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